Gale Zucker


Gale Zucker is a commercial photographer with a specialty of knitwear fashion and handmade lifestyle. She is co-author of three knitting/craft books . She photographs for knitting books, magazines, designers, ready-to-wear companies, and yarn companies.

Her most recent book is DROP DEAD EASY KNITS , co-authored with Kirsten Kapur & Mary Lou Egan. Other titles include CRAFT ACTIVISM and SHEAR SPIRIT, both with co-author Joan Tapper, all from Random House. With a degree in photo journalism from the University of Minnesota, Gale spent the first part of her career photographing on assignment for publications including The New York Times, TV Guide, Forbes, Business Week, NewsWeek, Yankee and more. She believes in the storytelling power of photography, and continues that passion creating strong narrative images for fiber and handmade.

As a lifelong knitter and maker, Gale loves sharing her photography skills with the fiber community. She’s been teaching Photography for Knitters & Makers workshops since 2009, teaching at retreats, shops, festivals & to groups. She has three Interweave webinars. Home base is coastal Connecticut, where she lives with her family. When not photographing, Gale can be found on the neighborhood beach swimming or knitting.

Gale’s work can be seen in many places, including Instagram and her blog.


Laura Linneman


Laura Linneman started knitting as a child, but really became obsessed about the craft in her early 20s, when she started knitting socks and spinning.

Laura’s passion is teaching knitting and spinning.  She shares that passion every week with her co-host and viewers of her podcast, TheKnitgirllls.  She has also taught at numerous yarn shops, libraries, and events such a SSK, Magnolia Fiber Festival, Magical fiber fantasy retreat, Madison Knit In and Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza.

Laura enjoys designing items that are intuitive and fun to knit.  She has published over 50 designs including LaLa’s simple Shawl, Socks on a Plane, and the Alice Elizabeth Shawl.

For more information about Laura, check out her website, www.theknitgirllls.com.