Olga Buraya-Kefelian 


Having been taught to knit at the age of 4 by my professional seamstress mother, I acquired my tailoring skills early while working alongside her.

My knitting career began in 2003 while traveling the world in service of my spouse’s military career. Being a military wife I had to learn how to adapt to relocating every 2 years and finding an occupation and a career that would be as fulfilling and something that I could do anywhere where military life brought us. And I am grateful for having found this knitting world!

“olgajazzy” brand of independent knitwear patterns was established in 2006.
Innovative, versatile and born out of my natural curiosity for geometry, architecture and textile explorations. All the while grounded in practicality of finished pieces and concentrating on enriching skills set of any knitter through my patterns.

Laura Regan


Laura Regan has been crocheting and knitting for over 45 years. She first started with lessons from a local friend, she would be seen knitting/crocheting in class and around her college campus. Fast forward to her 40’s and due to several requests from friends to make blankets for grand babies – she formed Knotty Hookers, a local group of friends where she teaches knitting and crochet.   Laura is passionate about helping others expand their knitting and crochet skills.  Laura also teaches at local yarn shops in Ohio and Florida and fiber festivals.

Laura and her husband  have a hand dyed yarn business, called Created 4 U by Laura. You will find them at festivals throughout the year.